Welcome to the T-Guide Training Course

A training course developed from collated and new materials by the partners of the T-GuIDE project.

This course provides an introduction to the knowledge, comptences and skills which can help tourist guides offer guided tours to visitors with intellectual disabilities or learning difficulties.

Register in two steps

Step 1. You must register with the ETCAATS Training Platform (Create an Account) in order to take the course. Registration is free of charge.

When you have registered with ETCAATS Training Platform, you should login using your email address and password. Then click the T-Guide Course tab.
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Step 2. On the T-Guide Course page you will see a green button: Register for this course. Click the button.
Your course registration will be activated automatically and you can begin the T-Guide Course Modules.   

What will you learn?

The course is not intended to be exhaustive but provides a "taster", explaining visitors' needs and how to prepare and manage a tour. There is also advice about keeping a log of your experiences to document your professional development.

The course includes short quizzes to test your knowledge. After taking the course, if you are a professional tourist guide you may apply for the face-to-face training course offered by FEG - the Federation of European Tourist Guides' Associations and ENAT.

Contact FEG for further details about Accredited T-Guide Training, using the Contact Page.

For information about T-GuIDE and more resources for tourist guides, parents, associations and tourism venue managers, visit the project website at:

Acknowledgements: AccessTraining.eu is a web-based educational platform produced by EWORX S.A. and supported by the ENAT and the ETCAATS consortium.