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Tourist Guide Training: The T-GuIDE Project

The Access Training E-Learning Platform currently offers the T-GuIDE e-learning Course, with the following functionalities:

  • e-Learning Modules – Currently with 6 core modules aiming to introduce e-learners to tourist guiding practices and customer service skills related to guiding persons with intellectual disabilities and/or learning difficulties 
  • e-Learning Sessions – Over 20 knowledge and scenario based sessions covering business development tips, good practices, videos and reference sources. Modules takes from 3 to 23 minutes to complete (approximately).
  • e-Quizzes – Instructional quizzes with feedback that will test the user’s understanding of the knowledge based sessions. 

Printer iconNOTE: Print your Quiz Results
After completing the course quizzes you may print your quiz results to a printer or to a PDF file, using the following procedure:
> Go to the "My Statistics” section (Tab at top of this page).
  > Select "T-Guide e-Learning modules"
   > Click T-Guide Module quiz [number]
    > At the bottom of the page which shows your answers, click on the button “Print your quiz results”. Either print to your printer or select Print to PDF and save the file to your computer.
REPEAT for each module quiz you have completed by selecting the module number.

You can also print ANY PAGE by clicking on the printer icon at the top, right-hand corner of the page you are viewing. After selecting the printer, choose "PDF> Save as PDF" if you wish to save the page to a PDF file on your computer.

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Please note that some content that is hosted on external websites may not be compliant with WCAG.

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